The Corporate Work Study Program Adapts

above: in one of the last on-campus activities prior to spring break, the CWSP held their most successful Career Day to date.

A letter from The Corporate Work Study Department:

Though COVID-19 has interrupted students’ on-site work at our Business Partners’ campuses, the Corporate Work Study Program is not about to let change the school-wide trend of steadily improving student worker performance ratings.

Monday, March 30th marked the beginning of the CWSP e-training curriculum. Students will keep a weekly work schedule. They will be required to complete a series of on-line work training modules by companies like , along with numerous written assignments that will focus on topics such as Financial Literacy, Career Exploration, Soft Skills and many more.

Brian Weinberg, Director of the Work Study Program, said this: “Now, using e-learning, the CWSP will continue to teach and present the transformational information that we know our students can apply in any organizational milieu.”

All of us in the Corporate Work Study Program believe that our students can use this situation as an opportunity – to be more productive than ever before.

Wishing all of you well,

Brian Weinberg
Lluvi Arizmendi
Angela Baldwin
Lori Bell
Brenda Gutierrez
The Corporate Work Study Team