CRSM Counselors Check-in

While the Counseling offices have been empty, all of our counselors have been busy adjusting to the new COVID-19 norm (which continues to change every few days).
Just weeks ago, it was business as usual: helping juniors prepare for the SAT, planning for two weeks of AP testing, supporting students with their ongoing mental health needs, and providing academic support to struggling students. This has quickly changed!
As we began to roll out the plan for e-learning, our first job was to identify students who do not have internet access at 炫乐彩票注册. We communicated with students and parents, made referrals for affordable internet service, and when necessary, provided financial support. As of March 30th all families have internet capabilities.
Our second focus has been identifying families who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of job loss during this crisis. For our many families who live paycheck to paycheck, an unexpected job loss means there may not be money for groceries. We are working hard to connect families to various community agencies where they can receive resources and support until this crisis is over, and we are offering immediate financial support when needed.
In terms of SAT and AP testing, we are monitoring updates from College Board daily. We know students are worried and wondering what will happen with these high stakes tests, both tests are critical for their long term goals. For now, we are waiting to learn more about alternative testing options approved by College Board, and doing our best to quell fears and worries.
Finally, we continue to remain attentive to our students’ mental health and wellness. We’ve replaced our usual office space with Zoom meetings and google hangouts. Students have been receptive and grateful for the virtual support to help them manage the responsibilities and stress that have arisen. Despite the abrupt changes and challenges that have erupted in the last two weeks, I am inspired by the compassion and resilience of our students. When students have responded to my email check-in’s, numerous students wrapped up their emails by saying, “And how are you doing Mrs. Dippold?” or “Thank you for checking in on me, Ms. Del Rio, and I hope you and your family are doing well.” Even when their own lives are turbulent, our students are always thoughtful and caring. They are the best.

Take good care,

Christina Dippold & Deisy Del Rio


Currently the College Counseling Department is meeting with students one-on-one using video-conferencing. Our seniors are facing special challenges during this time of uncertainty, having to complete their last year in high school while deciding on what college they should attend.

Seniors are looking for award letters, completing verification forms if it applies to them, working on scholarships, and attending virtual college visits. Last week we video-conferenced with a student who shared her screen with us, so we were able to guide her line-by-line to complete a verification form that was due at her college of choice. We’re making calls with the students; we are present on those call in order to advocate with them. This is something we would normally do with our students in person at school. It’s not ideal, but we are making it work given the circumstances. We are in constant contact with our college representatives as they too are supporting our students by providing us with innovative ideas.

Looking ahead, we are likely going to be reviewing award letters with families via tele-conference rather than our traditional in-person meetings. We’re preparing for every eventuality so we will be able to provide guidance throughout this difficult situation.

As you can imagine, many of our students are concerned about the uncertainty of their parents’ employment and the financial instability this might cause. This is a crucial time for our students – award letters, one-on-one meetings with families, and guidance on committing to schools of choice. We are adapting as the situation unfolds and we are comforted by the caring and dedicated CRSM staff and teachers who are also navigating this new situation.


Sharon Holdvogt & Lori Felix
College Counselors


Here at Alumni Support, we have had multiple calls with college age alumni to review and refine resumes and prepare for interviews. While the outlook for some internship and job opportunities for the summer are uncertain, it is critical to keep applying! We continue to work with area employers to understand their hiring needs. As a team, we are checking in with alumni to understand how the current situation is affecting them and their families and we continuously review and approve applications for assistance from the emergency fund. We are also connecting with outside organizations to learn about other resources in the community.

Our sense is that many of our alumni are settling into online learning and keeping up with their schoolwork. Most are more concerned about the loss of on-campus and work-study jobs as well as lost income at other employers. The situation is evolving as colleges determine whether they can pay work-study students.

While we do hear fear and stress in their voices, we also sense the grit that comes from the foundation they built at CRSM. We continuously remind them that this is not a permanent situation and their bright futures are not at all diminished by this economy. We are in this together.

Stay healthy and contact炫乐彩票注册 anytime at the below numbers.

Mary Ann Hocter & Melissa Chavez
Alumni Support