Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep is one of the highest achieving urban schools in the Chicago area and in the Cristo Rey network. Why?

We are the school that works.

We are a member of the Cristo Rey Network, a thriving association of 35 high schools that utilize an innovative work-study program to provide affordable, Catholic education to more than 10,000 students nationwide. We exclusively serve families with limited financial resources. Every one of our students works five full days per month to pay for most of the cost of their education and to gain professional experience. By working, students learn about the corporate world, connect academic coursework to the work they do at their corporate placements, and gain skills that will serve them beyond high school.

We believe in our students.

Our mission is to educate young people to become men and women of faith, purpose and service. We provide our students with the opportunity to develop faith in God and to understand that there is a purpose to their life. It is our responsibility to help our students discover and develop their unique gifts and talents. We believe we are called to contribute to a better world, to serve others, and to be on the side of those who are left behind. Everything we do is based on these values.

Our students succeed.

We offer a rigorous, supportive, college preparatory curriculum that prepares every one of our students to enter and graduate from college. 100% of our graduates for the past three years have been accepted to two and four-year colleges and universities. We offer rigorous core courses, tutoring and remediation for students who need it, Advanced Placement classes, an intense college-counseling program that helps students select the right college, and a range of extracurricular, service and athletic opportunities.

Against all odds…
  • 93% Latino, 6% African-American, 1% Other
  • $39,516 Average Income for CRSM Families annually (Average family size is 4.7)
  • $8,352 Average Per Capita Income for CRSM Students annually
  • Residency: 71% Waukegan, 18.5% North Chicago, 10.5% Other Lake County
  • 80% CRSM Students Qualify for Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program
  • <20% of Students in Neighboring Public High Schools Students Meet Illinois Academic Standards (IL Report Card)
… Cristo Rey St. Martin is breaking the cycle
  • 392 Enrollments in Advanced Placement (college-credit level) courses
  • 2,200+ Hours of Community Service offered by CRSM Students
  • 95% Students Meet/Exceed the professional expectations of their CWSP Supervisors
  • 79% Persistence of CRSM Freshman to Senior Year from Class of 2018
  • 97% Acceptance to 4-Year Colleges and Universities of Class of 2018
  • 91% 4-Year College Enrollment of Class of 2018 Accepted Students
  • 100% Graduation Rate from Class of 2018

We are 400 students strong. Whether you’re a prospective student, work study partner, or a new friend, come visit us to be inspired and to see why Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep has become such an exciting place to learn. You are welcome to drop in and say hello at any time.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Preston Kendall